Are you looking at diving deeper into your own real estate project?  Save time and money by booking a session with me and we can cover topics such as:

buying land, building a house, remodeling, permits, financing, container homes, Airbnb profitability and setting up a successful rental.

Each session is focused on you and your specific goals.  We will put together a plan and strategy for you to set off on with clear actionable steps. 

If you're interested, shoot me an email with a little bit of background information on yourself and at least five topics/questions you'd like to focus on.

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Ask me questions:

Hi, I'm Kai.

I'm a creator, maker and land hacker.  I build houses, container homes and unique experiences to fund my life (and next crazy land hack).  I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to tackling new projects and enjoy creating content to share my experiences and takeaways with others.  Now I want to actually teach people what I have learned over 14 years, how I escaped the rat race and made 7-figures through land hacking. 

I studied Construction Engineering Management & Business Management during undergrad and got my MBA after grad school.  I worked through my 20s for fast growing start-ups, invested in real estate and was able to save and grow my way to an "early retirement" by 27 years old.  Now I'm the old dude making videos.  Lol.



Melvin A.

“You can’t pay enough for the knowledge and information Kai has to share. I am completely new to the idea of real estate/ Airbnb and Kai has directed me in a very helpful path. I am looking forward to having another consultation in the near future."

Will C.

"Kai's consultation gave me exactly what I was looking for, clarity. There's probably a lot of ideas, knowledge (lack thereof), excitement, and doubts all coalescing through your mind. My talk with Kai really helped me sort it all out and gave me the roadmap I needed to do the most important thing, take action! Super genuine and very personable, he even took additional time before our meeting to better understand me as a person so he could better serve me."

Trevor B.

"I would definitely recommend a consultation session with Kai. He's super knowledgeable and gives some awesome information. He tailors the session to your level of exposure/knowledge to the industry and what areas you would like to discuss. I'll for sure be scheduling additional consultation sessions with Kai in the future."


"I reached out to Kai after watching his videos. It was so exciting to work with a like-minded, fun, driven guy as Kai. His breadth of knowledge and his mentoring skills are top notch and you will gain value from each interaction. I'm using his coaching advice in starting my STR Business and will definitely pick his brain again on future projects."

Elon M.

“Kai has been instrumental with helping me begin my Tiny home and glamping business. He gave me the parameters that help me frame the land search based on land quality, permitting, and build design.“ 

Angelo F.

“Value overload! From the second you click on his website to the first few minutes of a phone call, Kai is adding value! I experienced a great one on one call with Kai where he went into precise detail on actionable steps to help me succeed in the Airbnb and short term rental game! He is genuine and transparent in his advice and wastes no time getting to work and helping you succeed. I would highly recommend taking a call with him and I look forward to his mentorship program!” 



I'm still conducting consultations for the next few weeks.  When you book a time, you get a personalized 1-on-1 session where we address your biggest questions and hyper-focus on a land hacking or income property strategy.  All tailored around you and where you're at.