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I'm a creator, maker and land hacker.  I build houses, container homes and unique experiences to fund my life (and next crazy land hack).  I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to tackling new projects and enjoy creating content to share my experiences and takeaways with others.  Now I want to actually teach people what I have learned over 16+ years, how I escaped the rat race and made 7-figures through land hacking. 

I studied Construction Engineering Management & Business Management during undergrad and got my MBA after grad school.  I worked through my 20s for fast growing start-ups, invested in real estate and was able to save and grow my way to an "early retirement" by 27 years old.  Now I'm the old dude making videos.  Lol.


We all must start somewhere.

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Land Hacker Program

Absorb 16+ years of experience "hacking" real estate to generate multiple income streams per property to replace your day job - all taught directly from Kai.  

Kai shares how to find "hot" areas, finance, get permits and extract equity and cash flows from each investment to generate multiple 6-figures per property.


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Do you have questions about starting your next project?  Curious about the world of unique short-term rentals or real estate.  Book a session with me as part of your due dilligence before investing.

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Every new endeavor starts with a first step.  Join us on your journey and tap into decades of experience.



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